Vision Statement: Our Vision is to bring JOY in the life of PRODUCERS, PARTNERS & CUSTOMERS.

Mission Statement:

  1. To provide quality products & services for the Satisfaction of our partners& customers.
  2. To produce and market a wide range of beautiful products for customers, to satisfy their needs & wishes by using our abilities, knowledge and resources in the best possible way.
  3. International quality standard is our goal.
  4. We will provide jobs for those in need and empower the Community.
  5. We will adhere and practice the Principles of Fair Trade Philosophy.
  6. We will use a percentage of our surplus for the training and empowerment of the Community at large.

Managing Director: Mr Gabriel Kamudu
Foundation: GaviK Co. Ltd is established since 2015
Capital Structure:GaviK Co, Ltd is a Family Business

The Company is 100% Mauritian

Work Force: 12 Employees
Designs &Products: GaviK Co. Ltd manufacture a broad range of own designs Jute bags, Cotton bags,T/Shirts, Debardeurs, Pareos, Jewellery and others. Your own designs and print can be done upon request.
Materials: Jute, Cotton, Beads, Seeds, etc…
Marketing: GaviK Co Ltd also promotes and market other Local.

Mauritian products and producers.